Study: New Crown Virus Makes Many Americans Give Up Online Car and Buy Private Car

According tomedia reports, because of the new crown outbreak, many places are now suggesting “social distance.” Because of this relationship, people are starting to look at taxi services and public transportinfrom differently, as evidenced by a recent study of 3,021 people by

Study: New Crown Virus Makes Many Americans Give Up Online Car and Buy Private Car

First, 40 percent of respondents said they used the ride-to-the-net service less often, while 93 percent said they began to use private cars more. This is understandable, as passengers do not know whether the car they were sitting in has been disinfected, and they cannot confirm whether the other passengers who were in the car had a virus that might have been left in the vehicle.

In addition, the study found a very interesting phenomenon, that nearly 20 percent of those who did not have a private car said they were considering buying a private car. On its own, this is surprising, but with the economic uncertainty associated with the outbreak of the new coronavirus, it presents a completely different picture.

Of the 20 per cent who considered buying a car, 40 per cent no longer wanted to use public transport, and 28 per cent did not believe that the cleaning and disinfection of the car was in place.

Buying a car during the outbreak also seems to be a challenge, which is why more and more people are thinking about buying it online. Of those who are interested in buying a car (33 percent of whom have pre-purchased a car because of the new corona virus), about 45 percent are willing to negotiate prices online, and 38% are interested in buying a car online.

In addition to the more than 3,000 customers surveyed, spoke with 238 car dealers and found that only 58 percent of them currently offer vehicle delivery, but 29 percent said they were taking action to provide the service.