Facebook is dealing with a surge in traffic caused by new crown quarantine

Facebook has said that usage of many of its services has risen sharply as the number of people quarantined has increased, according tomedia reports. The growth has largely affected Facebook’s yet-monetized services, while the company also noted a decline in advertising in countries that are taking a more aggressive approach to the new corona virus pandemic.

Facebook is dealing with a surge in traffic caused by new crown quarantine

The social networking company has taken a number of steps to keep the platform stable in response to the surge in usage.

Since the new corona virus broke out in Italy, Facebook says its app has increased its usage by 70 percent. Facebook Live and Instagram are also on the rise, with people making more group calls than ever before, and texting rates soaring. In other virus-affected countries, There have been similar trends in Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook explained in a blog post Tuesday that facebook is trying to deal with the situation as many of its employees work from home, which has undoubtedly heightened the challenges they face. The surge in usage requires it to take steps to maintain the stability of the service, including improving the efficiency of the system, reducing The Bit rate of Instagram and Facebook in some countries, and testing before any issues it anticipates.

Facebook says it’s working to keep its apps stable, which is important because a large number of users rely on their products, from keeping in touch with friends and family to getting work done and school projects. In addition, Facebook has launched a COVID-19 (New Corona) information center on its main platform to help the public understand the information and who is using WhatsApp chatbots to spread false information.