Tesla unveils a variety of new car delivery options, including contactless delivery

March 25 (UPI) — Tesla has expanded its new car delivery options, including previously reported “contactless delivery,” due to an outbreak of the new coronavirus,media reported. Tesla has suspended production at two plants in Fremont, Calif., and Buffalo, New York, but the company will continue to deliver new cars.

Tesla unveils a variety of new car delivery options, including contactless delivery

More than a month ago, Tesla implemented a contactless delivery process in the Chinese market where the new coronavirus outbreak has been broken. As the virus spread, the company began implementing similar social isolation measures for employees in other markets. The company reportedly began implementing the measures in the United States last week.

In the middle of this month, Tesla began delivering its cross-border sport utility vehicle Model Y. Model Y was reportedly first delivered in Utah, USA. Recently, the company began delivering the car in bulk in the United States.

Tesla introduced the new delivery options in a new page on its website. Depending on the regulatory requirements for the paperwork involved in car sales and delivery, delivery options vary from market to market.

Tesla offers new delivery options including Express Delivery, Tesla Direct Delivery, and other delivery options. Among other delivery options are two, Tesla Direct and Carrier Direct.

Fast delivery: The new car will be delivered to a user-specified delivery location, which will be remotely guided to the new car location via Tesla’s location tracking tool. All required files will be waiting in the car and highlighted where to sign. When the user is ready to go on the road, simply hand over his/her documents to the consultant at the exit office for review, and the company will put temporary labels and license plates on the user’s new car.

With the tesla tutorial in the car and the user manual on the car’s central touch screen, users can explore the car’s exciting features at their own speed. All Tesla distribution centers offer fast delivery services.

Tesla Direct Delivery: This is a completely contactless delivery experience. Tesla will put users’ new cars in places of their choice, usually at home or in the workplace, without any interaction. As soon as all the necessary paperwork is done and Tesla knows where the user wants to park, the company will put the car down and the user unlockitthroughvia through The Tesla software.

Please note that payments, documents and electronic agreements must be completed before delivery, and the user is required to send back the remaining actual documents in a prepaid envelope within 24 hours. Customers who are not eligible for this delivery service through third-party loans and trade-in is not yet eligible.

Tesla is rapidly extending this new delivery method to new states. Currently, direct delivery is available in California, Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, D.C.

Other delivery options: Tesla’s other delivery options for qualified customers include Direct Delivery for Tesla Employees and Logistics Company Delivery.

Tesla Employee Direct Delivery: Tesla employees deliver new cars directly to users at the location of the user’s choice (home, workplace, etc.). Once the vehicle arrives, the user will receive a detailed description of the vehicle, quickly sign the document, and be ready to drive within a few minutes. Users can leave signed documents in the car and sign and collect them by Tesla employees when they are completed.

Last summer, Tesla debuted the “Tesla Employee Direct Delivery” service, which is not yet available in Canada, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts or North Carolina.

Logistics Company Delivery: This option is available for users who live more than 350 kilometers from tesla retail stores, and the logistics company will deliver new cars to user-specified delivery locations. (Little Fox)