“Avatar” will be re-released in China with the “Avengers 4” box office competition extra time

Domestic theater line is about to usher in a wave of re-release, following the “War Wolf 2” “Wandering Earth” “Which” “Red Sea Action” “Avengers Alliance” and other films updated in the re-release list, according tomedia THR reported that some of the Hollywood blockbusters many years ago will also be re-released in The country. These include Nolan’s “Dreamspace” and “Star Trek” and Cameron’s Avatar, which were previously popular with domestic audiences.

THR says there are two main challenges facing the chinese cinema line: persuading audiences to return to cinema and persuading filmmakers to return to the film market and show their best films. But without the latter as a prerequisite, it would be very difficult to get the audience back into the cinema.

So the relevant departments to take measures to solve the problem, China Film Group said, will allow the theater to re-release some of the films that have been shown in the past, in addition to local films, overseas films are also added to the re-release line-up.

The domestic re-releases of “Avatar” and “Reunited 4” have also sparked much discussion online, perhaps this time the re-release will allow the two films to compete in the total box office competition for an “extra-time game.” “Four” currently grosss $2,798 million worldwide, while “Avatar” has $2,744 million.