Peach newspaper Li: japan’s Youcheng, which donated 4,500 masks, rushed for help in Wuxi City 10 times the return

As a result of the current outbreak, there is a general shortage of masks around the world. And masks from the most common medical supplies, have been upgraded to the various outbreaks of serious countries and regions of strategic materials. As a result, masks have become a scarce resource. According to reports, a few days ago, the new Wu District of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, received an emergency request for assistance from Fuchuan City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, immediately raised 50,000 masks for reverse donation, the rapid rescue of Japan, this batch of masks were sent by the courier company on March 24.

Peach newspaper Li: japan's Youcheng, which donated 4,500 masks, rushed for help in Wuxi City 10 times the return

According tomedia reports, Japan’s Aichi Prefecture, Fengchuan City on March 24, said that due to the new coronavirus outbreak caused by the shortage of masks, has decided to support the city in February to donate masks and other materials to the sister city of Wuxi City, China’s New Wu District, asked for the other side to send masks.

“The two sides are in a relationship that helps each other when it’s difficult, ” said Fengchuan’ head. If the other party has inventory, I hope to send us a mask this time. “

As early as early February this year, the domestic epidemic prevention and control work is at a critical stage, and the domestic mask resources are also facing a shortage of situation. The city of Fuchuan, Japan, donated 4,500 masks and protective clothing to Wuxi to help prevent and control the outbreak in Wuxi.

However, as the outbreak spreads in Japan, masks used in hospitals and nurseries in the city of Fengchuan will become scarce in May, and some nursing homes have said they “cannot get masks”. To this end, Fengchuan City had to turn to the sister city of Wuxi for help.

After receiving the help, Wuxi City also made a positive response. Late yesterday evening, Wuxi Xinwu District’s official micro-blog, Wuxi Xinwu Online, with the title of “Peach Report Li, hope spring to come”, said that since the outbreak in Japan, has been actively linked with the city of Fengchuan to return donations.

Recently learned that the city’s inventory is insufficient, Xinwu District quickly raised 50,000 masks reverse donation, 24 has been sent by the courier company in batches, these masks are now on the road.