Is the iPad Pro 2020 good or bad? To see how the foreign media review said

The iPad Pro 2020 has been delivered to subscribers, and domestic andmedia have also released the first critical test experience content from yesterday, if you still have doubts about the iPad Pro 2020 is worth starting, you may want to look for answers from themedia review summarized in this article.

Is the iPad Pro 2020 good or bad? To see how themedia review said

The Verge rating: 8/10

Benefits: Excellent display, fast running speed, support for trackpads.

Weaknesses: LiDAR lidar scanners don’t have a high sense of presence; iPad OS limitations still exist; no headphone holes.

Many of the iPad Pro 2020’s specifications are consistent with the 2018 model, such as the same full-screen design, the same 11-inch plus 12.9-inch dual version, the same screen size, and more. The Verge commented on a similar sentiment: “The 2020 iPad Pro is a small spec boost compared to the 2018 model. In fact, the A12Z processor, the new camera module, and the new microphone are the few three upgrade points for the 2020 iPad Pro. “

The first is the processor, the iPad Pro 2020 is equipped with an A12Z bionic chip, and the CPU is still eight cores, but the GPU’s upgrade from seven cores to eight cores means that the iPad Pro 2020’s performance improvement is more reflected in image processing.

Is the iPad Pro 2020 good or bad? To see how themedia review said

Apple says the A12Z is outperforming the A12X, and the extra GPU core will help more games run at 120Hz frame rate on the iPad Pro, as well as improved video editing rendering and AR performance. I’m sure these claims are true, but I’m not sure most iPad Pro users will notice the difference in performance between old and new models. “The Verge said of the performance of the iPad Pro 2020.

In the review, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2020 scored 9981 points in the GPUs test for the Geekbench 5 Pro, while the 11-inch iPad Pro 2018 scored 9138, which means that an additional GPU core brings about 8 points to the iPad Pro 2020 % of image processing performance improved.

While this upgrade isn’t particularly significant, it doesn’t mean the iPad Pro 2020 doesn’t perform well. The iPad Pro 2020 remains the most powerful tablet available because the IPad Pro 2018’s A12X has already achieved a very high level of performance (even for some people some with some overperformance).

Then there’s the new camera module, the most important of which is the new LiDAR sensor, which Apple calls a lidar scanner.

Is the iPad Pro 2020 good or bad? To see how themedia review said

“LiDAR lidar scanners are added for a faster, more accurate AR experience. The iPad Pro 2020 does deliver a better AR experience, performing better with some of the AR apps that have been available before, but so far no third-party AR app has been able to take full advantage of LiDAR lidar scanners. “…” Hardware is just the foundation, and you can’t guarantee that good AR software will arrive faster. “

“I think Apple’s approach to iPad OS support trackpads is close to perfect. The page scrolling feels natural, the adaptive changes and animations of the mouse cursor feel strange, but I like it very much. However, moving the cursor to the edge of the screen to wake up the dock, notification center, and side pull multitasking creates some weird feeling. “

Is the iPad Pro 2020 good or bad? To see how themedia review said

“For most people, the iPad Pro 2020 may be overperforming. Unless you really have a good reason to use a dual camera or LiDAR sensor, the much cheaper iPad Air and iPad can also provide a lot of basic iPad experiences. From a hardware perspective, neither the iPad Air nor the iPad can match the iPad Pro, but if you don’t need the iPad Pro’s professional configuration, it’s a good thing to save money on it. “

WIRED rating: 9/10

Pros: The 2020 iPad Pro is the strongest iPad available, with upgraded cameras and microphones, great battery life, and fun to use on the trackpad on the iPad. It’s also the first iPad to be scanned by LiDAR lidar, although you may not use it very often.

Weaknesses: Compared to other iPads, which are more cost-effective; the 2020 iPad Pro doesn’t use the rear camera to take portraits; and the keyboard is not yet available.

WIRED received the 12.9-inch 1TB version of the iPad Pro 2020, which they believe is one of the more pleasing new features of the new iPad Pro, which is software than hardware.

Is the iPad Pro 2020 good or bad? To see how themedia review said

“IPadOS 13.4 adds support for the trackpad and mouse, and when I use the iPad Pro 2020 with the dashboard, the cursor on the screen appears as a dot, but becomes an I-pointer as you approach text content.” In addition, the screen gestures previously supported by the iPad can be used on the trackpad, such as a three-finger edging to wake up the background. “

“The support on the trackpad and keyboard brings the iPad Pro closer to the ‘computer’ realm. “


Benefits: New features that support trackpads are useful;

Weaknesses: Design “eat the old book”, accessories are expensive, there is a temporary lack of applications to support the new AR function, performance compared to the old model slower.

CNET highlighted the LiDAR lidar scanner and trackpad experience of the iPad Pro 2020 in its review.

“The ARKit app on the iPad Pro 2020 allows you to load and place AR items faster, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “

Is the iPad Pro 2020 good or bad? To see how themedia review said

Apple’s video promoting the iPad Pro 2020 showcases the Shapr3D AR app, which will be launched later this year, and will automatically generate accurate 2D interior plans and 3D models with a lidar scanner, all the way up the iPad Pro sweep spout.

“For professionals, it’s amazing. But for most ordinary people, this particular feature may not be a necessity. And many AR applications today enable environmental scanning even without LiDAR sensors. “

Is the iPad Pro 2020 good or bad? To see how themedia review said

“From the excellent but not OLED LCD Liquid Retina screen to the FaceID original deep camera, to the USB-C interface and the magneto-sucking Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro 2020 and the old model are the same in many places. The rear camera is one of the few different points. “There are other adjustments, such as the Wi-Fi 6 and the new microphone, but overall the iPad Pro 2020 and iPad Pro 2018 are very similar in many places. “