Israel develops new coronavirus voice detection to identify unique “sound fingerprints” of infected people

On March 24, Israel’s Defense Ministry said it was developing a method to detect the new coronavirus by voice, or to recognize the sounds of infected people. It is reported that because the new coronavirus affects the respiratory system, the patient’s voice and breathing patterns will also appear signs, the emergence of a unique “sound fingerprint”, or can help detect infection.

The Israeli company Vocalis Health will lead the study with hospitals to sample the sounds of confirmed patients through a mobile app. The researchers will analyze speech samples based on AI algorithms to identify the characteristics of speech. The company’s website allows anyone to send voice samples that they hope will be used to prioritize testing and hospitalization.

It is understood that Israel has just developed a “combined detection method” testing method. This method allows a combination of dozens of subjects’ “combined samples” at a time. The system can identify individual positive samples from “joint samples” and only need to be tested separately for each sample if in rare cases, such as the overall positive of a “joint sample”.

As of March 25, a total of 2,030 people had been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia in Israel, 58 had been cured and five had died. If the new voice detection technology and “combined detection method” at the same time, Israel’s own detection efficiency will be greatly improved.