Kojima: ‘Death Stranding’ is more criticized in the U.S. because Americans prefer FPS

In a recent interview with Italian media Tgcom24, Kojima spoke about the initial evaluation of the “Death Stranding” media. While The Average Score on Metacritic is still high, there are also many low scores, mostly from the American media.  Kojima  blames American players for preferring to play first-person shooters, while Death Stranded, in Kojima’s words, is “flying higher.”

Island: 'Death Stranded' is more criticized in the U.S. because Americans prefer FPS

“I have to say that Death has received praise, especially in Europe and Japan, ” mr Kojima said. And in the United States, we have more criticism here. This may be an incomprehensible game for some media and players. Americans love the FPS game, and Death Stranding is just not, it flies higher.

I always try to create new things, and it doesn’t matter if there’s controversy and discussion, but it has to be said that Italians or French people have different artistic perceptions so that they can enjoy such original works, not just in games, but in movies. “

As for the future direction of the studio, Kojima says he wants to cross the line between indie and 3A games because it will allow him to leave his mark.

“I want to be between a stand-alone game and a 3A game and i use both of the advantages. Some very personal games may be sold only in Japan on a low budget. But when these games come abroad and become international, they will lose some soul, because the imprint of their creative director is slowly disappearing. The bigger the project, the less the mark, and the same applies to Western games. “

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