Apple App Store restricts Microsoft’s Google Cloud gaming service to Arcade

While companies such as Microsoft and Google have launched popular cloud gaming services, they have difficulty reaching more than 1 billion iOS users, subject to Apple’s App Store rules. Video game fans are suddenly having a host of game catalogs to choose from as companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Nvidia launch a new range of mobile subscriptions.

But for Apple’s more than 1 billion iPhone and iPad users, the only real option is Arcade, Apple’s own game subscription service launched last September.

Apple App Store restricts Microsoft's Google Cloud gaming service to Arcade

This is mainly because Apple imposes strict restrictions on the types of apps that users can access on their devices. For example, the App Store’s guidelines prohibit streaming services that rely on the cloud. Arcade complies with these requirements, in part because it is included as a feature of the App Store itself.

It’s the latest example of Apple’s crackdown on rivals. Critics have long accused Apple of setting authoritarian rules that favor its own apps at the expense of similar apps by outside developers. Other competitors point out that Apple operates both the App Store app and favors its own apps and services in its stores.

In March last year, Spotify filed a complaint with EU antitrust regulators against Apple, saying that Apple’s control of its App Store not only deprived consumers of choice, but also deprived other streaming music service providers of the right to serve apple, its own streaming music service. Music.

In response, David Barnard, an independent developer, said: “It is because of these rules that developers and Apple maintain a worrying relationship. In a way, I’m very grateful to them for the millions of dollars my market helped me, and without it I wouldn’t have made it. On the other hand, they sometimes take such harsh measures to do kill the application and cause developers to miss out on other potential revenues. “

Cloud gaming services are becoming more and more popular today, especially at a time when faster 5G networks are growing fast. Microsoft, Nvidia and Google’s new products are all cloud-based streaming, while Apple’s Arade is not. Competitor services can be found on the Android operating system, and many popular games are not available in iOS.

Asked how Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud game service is available to iPhone and iPad users, a spokesman for Nvidia said: “I can only ask Apple. “

In response, Apple said: “Developers have the option of reaching all iPhone and iPad users via the Web through other browsers on Safari and the App Store.” But for now, the new cloud-based gaming streaming service is inaccessible through web browsers on iPhones and iPads. “

Apple also said it would continue to strengthen its relationships with developers and provide a level playing field.