NVIDIA graphics driver to release several more high-risk vulnerabilities: version 441.12 safe

NVIDIA’s Windows graphics drivers often have exposure to some high-risk loopholes, the general official repair speed is quite fast, a few months ago, a third-party volunteer reported but dragged no repair or relatively rare things. In the recent GeForce 441.12 version driver, NVIDIA fixed several undisclosed high-risk vulnerabilities that also existed in Quadro, NVS, and Tesla’s Windows drivers.

NVIDIA graphics driver to release several more high-risk vulnerabilities 441.12 version immune

NVIDIA graphics driver to release several more high-risk vulnerabilities 441.12 version immune

Now Windows above the graphics card drive because of more and more components, to be compatible with more games, to provide more features, so the code is more and more complex, the volume of the entire drive is more and more large, the final software appears some security issues or compatibility issues are more common things, this time the 9 vulnerabilities, Four high-risk level vulnerabilities are found in nvldkmkm.sys, a kernel state file that interacts directly with the NT kernel, and are basically caused by small negligence in the code (C, you know). Most of these vulnerabilities can trigger denial-of-attack or malicious rights-raising, because they exist at Ring Level 0, or kernel state, so they are more risky.

These vulnerabilities have been officially fixed in GeForce 441.12 version, if the system security has relatively high requirements for users please update their graphics card driver as soon as possible to prevent malicious exploitation caused by loss or information leakage. If it’s Tesla, Quadro, NVS, and other family-driven users who are using The R430 or older versions, they’ll have to wait for the official drive update to be released on November 18. In addition, there is an exploitable vulnerability in GeForce Experience that has now been fixed.

It is worth mentioning that the discovery unit of the vulnerability appeared in the name of Chengdu University of Technology.

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