Hacker’s $100 million bid for Navi graphics source AMD: alarm has been raised

On March 25, AMD suddenly issued a notice announcing that someone had attempted to contact them at the end of 2019 to indicate that it had test files for current and future releases of graphics products and subsets of AMD, which was a serious information security incident. AMD noted that the test files had recently been posted online, but had been deleted.

Hacker's $100 million bid for Navi graphics source AMD: alarm has been raised

AMD said it was aware that the perpetrators had other documents that had not been made public, but that the graphics IPs they owned were not core secrets of AMD’s graphics products, but were not sure if they had any other AMD IPs.

AMD has called the police and the matter is in the criminal investigation and they are working closely with law enforcement officials.

This news estimate will make most people face, frankly from the end of last year to not a lot of related news reports mentioned this matter, checked that someone on Github probably issued AMD Navi and other graphics card source code, should be stolen by hackers, before the sale of 100 million dollars, if no one buys on Github.

AMD has legally required Github to remove the source code, and AMD said in the announcement that the breach did not involve their core product and appeared to deny that it was a 7nm Navi graphics source source breach.