Amazon: Pentagon’s $10 billion cloud computing contract still favors Microsoft to block censorship

In December, Amazon, the cloud-computing industry leader, filed a lawsuit against the Pentagon, accusing it of handing microsoft a $10 billion contract for a cloud computing service and asking the Pentagon to suspend the project. In February, a Federal Judge suspended Microsoft from running the cloud computing contract and launched an investigation. On Tuesday, Amazon said the Pentagon was trying to limit censorship.

Amazon: Pentagon's $10 billion cloud computing contract still favors Microsoft to block censorship

Amazon court documents released Tuesday show that the U.S. government directed Microsoft to offer the lowest price for a contract by “Jerry”, a U.S. political term for rigging elections in an unfair way of dividing constituency boundaries, in favor of a party.

The filing follows a recent ruling by Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith that called for the joint venture to be shelved for infrastructure projects until Amazon’s allegations of irregularities are reviewed.

The Pentagon has sought to suspend the interim court process, suggesting it needs more time to rethink some aspects of the program, including a review of Amazon’s alleged unfair price assessment. Some analysts believe the move could allow both Amazon and Microsoft to be included in the deal.

While the Pentagon and Amazon have publicly announced their positions, Microsoft has kept a low profile and said it believes the Defense Department made the right decision, including reconsidering its factors. A Pentagon spokesman said the Defense Department believes the contract is based on fairness and justice, and that its goal is to provide support to government personnel as soon as possible, subject to compliance with the law and the courts.