Windows 10 build 19592 brings improvements to tablet mode

On Wednesday, Microsoft pushed an update to Windows 10 build 19592 to Insider testers for the Fast Ring channel. Although not many new features are introduced, they do introduce significant improvements to the tablet model. According to it, this improvement is mainly for the “use posture” of the tablet. If you have a 2-in-1 device, you’ll see these changes when you disconnect the key mouse trackpad.

Windows 10 build 19592 brings improvements to tablet mode

In fact, microsoft tried differently as early as the build 18970 compilation, but unfortunately it was eventually removed from the 20H1 version.

In build 19592, the familiar desktop mode still exists, but there are some key improvements in touch.

(1) The taskbar icon is more spaced;

(2) The search box is folded into a icon-only style;

(3) When you click on the text field, the touch keyboard will be called automatically;

(4) File Explorer will have more fill elements to make them easy to touch.

In addition, build 19592 updates the settings for some tablets under Settings – system to allow users to customize the touch experience.

To ensure quality, this feature will be rolled out slowly, starting with Insider testers who have not previously removed the keyboard, and users who set tablet mode to “Don’t ask me, don’t switch.”

As always, Microsoft wants people to be able to actively submit feedback, such as tryfolding the keyboard back/completely when picking up or leaning on the couch.

Or simply think of your device as a tablet with a touch screen without having to go into tablet mode.

Given that the Fast Ring channel no longer has a specific Windows 10 feature update attached, regular users may have to wait until 21H1 to see improvements.