Amazon has 9 warehouse employees infected with the new coronavirus

At least nine of Amazon’s warehouses in the U.S. have been confirmed to be infected with the new corona virus,media reported. Warehouses involved include Queens, New York, Staten Island, New York, Moreno Valley, California, Jacksonville, Florida, Shepherdsville, Kentucky, Brownstown, Michigan, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, Katy, Texas, and Wallingford, Connecticut. Amazon says it is taking extreme steps to keep its employees safe.

Amazon has 9 warehouse employees infected with the new coronavirus

As early as early March, Amazon had two employees infected with new corona pneumonia. On March 25thmedia reported that at least six employees at Amazon’s U.S. warehouse had tested positive for the new coronavirus, each located in six different warehouses.

The demand for online shopping in the United States is growing rapidly due to the effects of the new coronavirus. To keep the warehouse running, Amazon has said it will double the pay of employees who work at Amazon’s U.S. warehouses and work more than 40 hours a week to work overtime. On the 16th, Amazon again raised the base salary of warehouse workers, while announcing that it would hire 100,000 warehouse workers and distribution workers across the United States in response to the surge in orders from the outbreak.

Some analysts say Amazon needs to do more to protect its employees during the outbreak, which could backfire on the company if it feels pressured by the surge in orders and is not secured.

Author . . . Yang Difan