PS5/XSX host compares to $8000 PC NVIDIA fearless: RTX pursuit has been two years ahead

Sony’s PS5, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X two new generation of consoles have been announced, both use AMD’s 8-core Zen2 CPU and RDNA2 architecture GPU, both support light pursuit, or 7nm process, the main difference between the two is performance, The PS5 host is 10.3TFLOPS and the XSX host is 12TFLOPS.

PS5 and XSX two console performance is undoubtedly very powerful, the overall configuration is almost equivalent to the current high-end game PC, with the configuration of the PC host price is estimated to be 8000, this will not affect the PC host?

PS5/XSX host compares to $8000 PC NVIDIA fearless: RTX pursuit has been two years ahead

Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of business at NVIDIA GeForce, remains confident in his GPU business and is not worried about the impact of a new generation of hosts on their high-end graphics business.

In his view, PC game enthusiasts will not easily switch to the console platform, PS5/XSX will not change this trend.

Second, one of the big selling points of the new generation of hosts is support for light pursuit, but NVIDIA has been two years ahead of the launch of RTX-ray-chasing graphics as early as 2018.

In addition, ps5, XSX host movement 10TFLOPS and even 12TFLOPS floating-point performance seems to be powerful, but NVIDIA believes that FLOPS floating-point performance evaluation performance is not completely accurate, objective, even so, The performance of the new host is only reaching the level of performance of NVIDIA’s existing mid- to high-end graphics cards.

Jeff Fisher stressed that NVIDIA is developing a new generation of graphics cards, but he hasn’t disclosed the performance or specifications of any new graphics cards, which are still confidential.