Xe architecture is unique to use it? Intel quietly registers EVO trademark

On March 26th, eye-catching netizens discovered that Intel had recently applied for a new trademark, THE EVO, which is common among many brands of cars and electronics. Intel’s EVO trademark covers a wide range of products, including computer software, computer firmware, computer hardware, as well as tablets, laptops, Laptops, laptops, laptops.

Xe architecture is unique to use it? Intel quietly registers EVO trademark

Considering Intel’s scope of business, the above computer machine can be excluded, Intel will not do their own these whole machine and products.

The remaining more likely applicable products are graphics cards, microprocessors, and programmable processors, and if you have to guess, the EVO trademark is most likely to be used for graphics cards, as Intel’s graphics cards do not currently have their own brand name.

It’s no secret that Intel’s entry into the high-performance GPU market is no secret, and we know that their GPUs use the Xe architecture, and that names such as DG1 and DG2 are still development codes, and so far no official brand of graphics cards has been officially announced, as AMD’s Radeon and NVIDIA’s GeForce do.

EVO this trademark is relatively simple, easy to remember, easy to spread, but for domestic users pronunciation is a problem, do not know what the name of the Chinese.

But then again, from Intel’s application for the EVO trademark covers so many categories, this may also be a normal business operation, the registered trademark is to protect the trademark, not necessarily to really use.