Foreign media: Outbreak may lead to 10 million fewer vehicles sold worldwide

Affected by the spread of the epidemic overseas, the global autoindustry industry has suffered a huge impact, Europe, North America and other regions of the car companies, have chosen to stop production to deal with the outbreak prevention and control, which also makes the global automotive market has a huge decline. MARKET RESEARCH FIRM IHS MARKIT HAS SHARPLY CUT ITS FORECAST FOR CAR SALES IN ALMOST ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD, SAYING AUTOMAKERS WILL FACE A SHARP DECLINE IN GLOBAL SALES THIS YEAR, FOREIGN MEDIA REPORTED.

Media: Outbreak may lead to 10 million fewer vehicles sold worldwide

Global car deliveries are likely to fall by more than 12 per cent this year from last year to 78.8million units, according to the latest figures from IHS Markit. That would be a bigger drop than the 8% decline during the Great Depression a decade ago. The new estimate is 10 million fewer than the researchers expected in January.

“By 2020, the global automotive industry is expected to experience unprecedented, almost instantaneous stagnation in demand,” Colin Couchman, an analyst at IHS Markit, wrote in an e-mailed statement. Risks are so downwardthat that it is difficult to determine exactly how far the market might fall and what the prospects for recovery will look like. “

At the same time, IHS cut sales of U.S. passenger cars and light trucks by 2.4 million units to 14.4 million units, down 15.3 percent from a year earlier, and 1.9 million units in Europe, down nearly 14 percent from a year earlier, and 2.3 million units in China.

At present, with the gradual stabilization of the epidemic in China, the domestic automobile industry began to step into an orderly resumption of work situation. In addition, domestic governments at all levels have also launched measures to boost the auto motive consumption market, which also makes the domestic auto consumer market can quickly return to normal levels, to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the auto industry.

But the European and American and North American markets, began to gradually step into the high incidence of the epidemic period, by the severe situation of the epidemic escalation, more car companies began to take the response to stop production. This period will result in a possible reduction of about 1.44 million vehicles in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Earlier, major car companies said during the shutdown that they expected to start returning to production around the beginning of April, but as the number of confirmed cases in Europe and North America continued to rise, automakers have cancelled their previous resumption plans and failed to provide a specific timetable for resumption of production.