Android Auto user feedback new BUG: Google refuses to answer questions

In light of The recent development of Android Auto, Google has slowed its entry into the in-car infotainment market. At this year’s I/O Developerconference, Google promised that Android Auto would better integrate Google Assistant, but ironically, after upgrading Android 10, Assistant didn’t work.

(Pictured) Android Auto user feedback new BUG: Google refuses to answer questions

As an important display platform for Google’s AI voice assistant, Google says it will better serve car owners on the Android Auto platform, enabling navigation, messaging and other functions without using both hands. But based on user feedback from Google’s support community, Google Assistant is unresponsive.

Android Auto users upgrading to Android 10 have found that Google Assistant cannot be enabled, either in the OK Google launch language or by pressing the microphone button on the center console. According to the survey, user “My Activity” data shows that Assistant has processed the user’s request in the background, but does not respond to the user’s request at the front end.

The problem comes after Google released Android Auto for Phone Screen on the Play Market, which has been bothering users for more than a week. After the app mysteriously disappeared after the Android 10 update, the app actually returned the Android Auto app icon on the user’s phone.

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