Microsoft CEO Nadella: It’s dangerous to use market value as a measure of success

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, recently spoke about her views on Pentagon contracts, communities and productivity at an event in New York City. Nadella has been Microsoft’s chief executive for five years, and under his leadership, Microsoft has a market capitalisation of more than $1 trillion, making it the world’s most valuable company.

Microsoft CEO Nadella: It's dangerous to use market value as a measure of success

Nadella is modest about the company’s market capitalisation. At the event, he said, it was dangerous to stick to financial data, such as market capitalisation, as a measure of success. Microsoft was also the world’s most valuable company in 1992, when Nadella was already working at Microsoft. “People around us, those of us who joined the company in the early 1990s, think, ‘We must be great. Look at us, look at our market value! ‘Often, this is the beginning of the downward spiral: you start to be pretentious and stop being based on real success,” Nadella said in an interview at the event. ”

Nadella’s appointment as Microsoft’s chief executive comes at a turning point. Google is becoming the dominant player in search and advertising, with Apple selling millions of iPhones a day. Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system has been criticized from time to time.

Fortunately, Nadella has successfully reshaped the company’s corporate culture based on past experience and planning for the future. He focuses on cloud computing, mobile apps on competitor platforms, and augmented reality. Today, this strategy is slowly bearing fruit.

From the past to the present, Microsoft has remained committed to building tools that enable technology in Greater China.

“You know, Microsoft was founded to develop BASIC interpreters for Altair,” Nadella said. ”

Another big victory for Microsoft is to beat Amazon and win a $10 billion Pentagon contract. Under the deal, Microsoft will sell the company’s software and services to the U.S. Department of Defense as part of its “Jedi” program.

But given the company’s differences with the Trump administration, most Microsoft employees do not want the company to bid for the contract. Nadella points out that it is the employee’s right to raise objections. But then, Nadella stressed, “As an American company, we want to make sure that we elect institutions that protect our freedom and have access to the company’s most advanced technology.” ”

At an internal town hall meeting, Nadella also mentioned that the company’s top management team also believed that Microsoft should provide the best technology to these agencies.

As Seattle’s high-paying skilled staff become more concentrated, other less affluent employees have to leave. To help those forced to leave, Microsoft said it would invest $500 million in Seattle to build affordable housing.

Asked what he thought of Seattle’s growing middle class, Nadella explained: “Microsoft needs employees. Employees live in the same community. The community also needs hospitals, schools and other facilities. Investors are willing to work together for a long time. ”

Nadella was also asked if he had any suggestions for increasing productivity in dealing with busy schedules. Nadella replied: “One of the dilemmas we often face is the trade-off between what we should do and what you can only do.” Focusing on what only you can do is a filter that helps me a lot.

And when he doesn’t know how to solve the problem, he can find the right person to solve the problem.

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