Several of America’s top universities and Microsoft alliances to fight new corona viruses with AI and supercomputers

March 30 ( AED) – Several of America’s top universities and Microsoft have teamed up to crack down on new coronaviruses with artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputers, according tomedia reports. The new research alliance, known as the Digital Transformation Institute, is a member of Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon University, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of California, University of Illinois, University of Chicago, and Microsoft.

Several of America's top universities and Microsoft alliances to fight new corona viruses with AI and supercomputers DTI will focus on research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, big data analytics, human factors, organizational behavior, ethics, and public policy, and will accelerate the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate the digital transformation of businesses, governments, and society.

The Institute, jointly managed by UC Berkeley and UIUC, will sponsor and fund the world’s leading scientists working together to transform the digital transformation of business, government and society.

The institute’s first challenge to solving huge social problems with the help of artificial intelligence is the new corona virus.

Thomas M. Siebel, founder and CEO of, an artificial intelligence firm in Redwood, California, said. The public-private alliance, which will invest $367 million over the first five years, will provide the first funding to find ways to contain the new coronavirus that is sweeping the globe.

The Digital Transformation Institute plans to grant up to 26 grants per year, each costing up to $500,000 for research.

In addition, recipients funded by DTI will receive extensive cloud computing, supercomputing, data access, artificial intelligence software resources, and technical support from Microsoft and This will include unrestricted access to the C3 AI suite and access to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform, as well as access to the Blue Waters supercomputer at THE UiUC (University of Illinois, Los Angeles, Champagne) National Supercomputing Application Center (NCSA).

The institute requires key researchers from the alliance’s universities, but allows partners and team members from other institutions to participate. The institute hopes that proposals for a new type of coronavirus will be submitted by May, and that it plans to release the first grant in June. The results of the study will be made public. (Little Fox)