Targeting young consumers: Luckin Coffee and LINE FRIENDS announce strategic partnership

On March 30, Luckin Coffee announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with international famous cartoon brand LINE FRIENDS, the two sides will jointly launch food, moisture and other categories of joint merchandise, and will create Luckin Coffee LINE FRIENDS off-line theme store.

Targeting young consumers: Luckin Coffee and LINE FRIENDS announce strategic partnership

LINE FRIENDS is a popular series of cartoon characters, with global brand influence, its own Brown Bear, Connie Rabbit, Sally and other popular cartoon characters, and derived from a wealth of product lines, including dolls, stationery clothing, accessories and other fields.

LI YIXUAN, GENERAL MANAGER OF LINE FRIENDS CHINA, HAS SAID THAT THE EMPHASIS ON CREATIVE DESIGN IS ITS CORE COMPETENCY. LINE FRIENDS is a global lying face to the interests and preferences of millennials, creating young and interesting IP content. As of October 2019, LINEFRIENDS has opened more than 170 stores in 12 countries and regions around the world in key cities such as Shanghai, Seoul, New York and Tokyo.

“We want to start with coffee and be more involved in everyone’s daily eating, drinking and having fun in the future,” said CMO Yang Fei, co-founder of Luckin Coffee. The Luckin Coffee and LINE FRIENDS strategic partnership is intended to target young people’s preferences and consumer needs, bring more diverse, more personal and stylish product spending, and lead the consumer trend, and leverage the IP influence of LINE FRIENDS to reach a wider consumer base. Further deepen Luckin’s young, stylish, digital brand image.”

Luckin Coffee has grown rapidly since it opened in 2018, with more than 4,500 luckin stores nationwide by the end of 2019. Luckin Coffee is a constant surprise to consumers when it comes to brand cross-border collaboration. From the Palace Theme Store, the Literary and Cultural Style Feng Tang Theme Shop, which brings together 600 years of cultural heritage, to Tencent QQ, NetEase Yun Music, NASA Themed Store, Luckin Coffee continues to use cultural colors and IP symbols for the brand, establish ingress with the user’s emotional contacts, become popular with young people’s brand.

It is understood that Luckin Coffee and LINE FRIENDS co-operative products will be listed in the near future, the joint line of theme stores will also meet with consumers in the second half of the year.