NVIDIA thousand card GTX 1650 upgrade GDDR6 memory speed soared 50%

DIY players know that NVIDIA in recent years, the knife method is subtle, the card position is very accurate, but the old Huang will also have a conscience upgrade, thousand-level GTX 1650 graphics card will soon be upgraded from GDDR5 to GDDR6 memory, the memory bandwidth is expected to increase by 50%.

NVIDIA’s desktop GTX 1650 graphics card uses the TU117 core, 896 CUDA core, the base frequency 1485MHz, the acceleration frequency 1665MHz, equipped with 8GHz GDDR5 memory, bit width 128bit, bandwidth 128GB/s, priced at $149, the domestic price of a thousand dollars.

NVIDIA thousand card GTX 1650 upgrade GDDR6 memory speed soared 50%

NVIDIA last year launched the Super series of graphics cards generally changed GDDR6 memory, accelerate the upgrade to new technology, not long ago with GDDR6 memory GTX 1650 graphics card also exposed, the latest news also confirmed the upgrade, and said the upgrade will be very low-key, direct listing, will not be much publicity.

Abandoning GDDR5 upgrade to GDDR6 memory purpose is not necessarily the purpose of active profit, it may also be related to GDDR5 memory inventory reduction, with Samsung and other manufacturers will focus from GDDR5 to GDDR6, and then to purchase a large number of GDDR5 memory is not necessarily cost-effective.

Of course, for consumers, this upgrade will improve the performance of the GTX 1650, from the notebook version of the GTX 1650 Super, gtX 1650 desktop version of the graphics card should be 12GHz GDDR6, the bandwidth can be increased from 128GB/s to 192GB/s, an increase of 50%.

Of course, the focus of everything still depends on the price, if the GTX 1650 GDDR5 version does not increase prices, or increase below 50 yuan, then it is still a benefit, otherwise it does n’or both have no meaning, after all, GTX 1650 Super there.