Microsoft reveals some new features for Outlook for Mac

At the Ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft announced a new Outlook for Mac experience that includes a redesigned UI, improved performance, and some new features. Now, the software giant has revealed that Outlook for Mac is about to welcome new features such as unified inbox and add-on support. The former allows multiple mailboxes to be combined to make it easier to see all the important content. The latter can install add-ons of interest to users to further increase productivity.

Microsoft reveals some new features for Outlook for Mac

Search for all messages: The new version can include global messages and is no longer limited to the specific folder or mailbox directory in which you are currently in.

MailTips can provide more information about messages: Outlook will be able to give some tips, for example, when sending a message to someone who has auto-reply turned on, or possibly sending an email to someone outside your organization.

Room Finder helps users schedule meetings: When enabled, Outlook for Mac gets the same experience as Windows and Web.

For more information, please also move to Microsoft’s official website to view (portal).

In addition, Microsoft highlighted some new features (16.36 / 20032300 compiled version) for Insider testers for the Fast Ring channel.

This includes customizing message lists (setting message density, delaying, sliding gestures, moving to recently used folders) in a way that works best for users, making it easy and intuitive to browse email, gaining more control over calendar events and personal time, and optimizing the user experience.