Metric Technologies has developed a 300-piece ventilator

Recently, according tomedia reports, Rice University and Canada’s global health design company Metric Technologies developed an automatic bag valve mask ventilation device, which can be made of less than $300 parts, to help patients treat COVID-19.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, the global shortage of ventilators threatens the lives of patients with new coronary pneumonia. As a result, Rice University and Metric Technologies, a Canadian global health design firm, hope to work together to provide free ventilators to anyone in the world.

Metric Technologies has developed a 300-piece ventilator

The team designed and built a programmable device that can squeeze first aid breathing airbags. These airbags are usually carried by emergency medical personnel to help people with difficulty breathing air into their lungs, but it is difficult to squeeze the airbag spout for more than a few minutes at a time.

In a week, the researchers completed the design and prototyping to develop a prototype consisting mainly of 3D printing and laser-cut parts that are not only medically graded, but also cheap.

The prototype uses the Arduino circuit board to facilitate programming, allowing users to adjust the rate at which air is delivered to the lungs according to the patient’s condition, but the team plans to replace the circuit board with cheaper integrated circuits. The device will also be equipped with feedback sensors to help fine-tune the flow of air to the lungs, and small motors will provide hours of power.

The researchers say the device, which uses existing parts, can be easily produced and inexpensive, providing better solutions for patients without ventilators and freeing up larger ventilators for more severe patients.