FDA approves a new coronavirus rapid test to get positive results in 5 minutes

Media BGR reported that compared with traditional detection methods, the world is scrambling to produce large quantities of methods that can detect new coronaviruses faster. This is because the SARS-CoV-2 virus is highly contagious and infects more than 740,000 people worldwide in three months. Not only that, but the virus is also inconsistent when symptoms appear. Some people do not experience any symptoms for up to 14 days after infection. To make matters worse, most COVID-19 symptoms are very similar to flu symptoms. Loss of taste and smell is a noteworthy early signs of COVID-19, although not all patients may have experienced it. In most cases, it is not possible to detect the virus early by observing symptoms alone. And without symptoms, many people will not be eligible for any form of testing in the United States and other countries.

FDA approves a new coronavirus rapid test to get positive results in 5 minutes

Once someone suspects they have been infected, testing is the best option, and a rapid positive diagnosis can greatly improve their chances of recovery and greatly reduce the chances of spreading potentially fatal diseases. People will be admitted to hospital or isolated during rehabilitation to reduce the risk of spreading the disease to others. A new five-minute new coronavirus detection method will come in handy, especially for specific categories of patients.

Researchers have previously proposed new coronavirus detection methods that can provide results within 30 or 45 minutes. That’s much better than hours or days, but Abbott can deliver results even faster. Its new COVID-19 test reagent takes only 5 minutes to produce positive results and negative results in just 13 minutes.

This test reagent can be used by health care providers, first responders, and any other person suspected of having contact with COVID-19 patients. The test ingress can also be used to screen travelers from key affected areas, or to actually diagnose patients in key affected areas more quickly than before. Similarly, patients who may need emergency surgery, etc., can receive prior examination of COVID-19.

Another advantage of Abbott’s testing reagents over competitors is that they can be used in conjunction with ID NOW test equipment, which is about the size of a toaster. This device can be deployed wherever it is needed and can operate without complex training.

The ID NOW platform “has the largest point care molecular footprint in the United States and is widely used in physician offices, emergency care clinics, and hospital emergency departments across the United States.” “

As South Korea and Singapore have proved so far, detection is crucial to a flat growth curve for the outbreak. Germany has also adopted a large-scale testing policy that enables it to detect COVID-19 cases early and reduces mortality from the disease compared to other Central European countries. The more people a country takes the test, the clearer the big picture. Once you know the true extent of the local COVID-19 epidemic, better measures can be taken to control outbreaks and reduce the spread of disease.

Not all Americans can take advantage of these quick tests, at least not initially. Abbott can provide about 50,000 test reagents per day, or about 1.5 million test reagents per month. NBC explained that the FDA has also issued 19 other emergency use authorizations for diagnostic tests. The agency is working with more than 220 test developers who are expected to submit emergency authorization requests.