The Trump administration may want to try again to overturn Obama’s fuel economy standards

Since early 2017, shortly after Mr. Trump took office, his administration has been working to repeal Obama-era fuel economy rules,media reported. So far, although not much has been achieved, it can be seen that the president has not given up. It’s time for a global pandemic of the new corona virus, and the Trump administration is trying again at a time when everyone else is distracted.

The Trump administration may want to try again to overturn Obama's fuel economy standards


The plan, detroit News reported Monday, is to reduce Obama’s target of a 5 percent annual increase in fleet fuel efficiency to 1.5 percent. The changes are expected to take effect on 31 March.

Confusingly, at a time when the world is likely to be in deep recession, some are considering decisions to block the development of more fuel-efficient cars.

The Trump administration says the savings will save consumers more than $3,000 on new cars, but it has been unable to produce convincing evidence to prove it. It is understood that the average price of a new car has risen by only $2007 since Obama introduced the new rules in 2017.

Neither the EPA nor the California attorney general’s office immediately responded to requests for comment.