IOS 14 code shows that Apple Watch Children’s Mode will enable new motion rings

Media 9to5Mac reported earlier this month that new SchoolTime and Kid models will be introduced in iOS 14 and WatchOS 7 systems. The latter allows parents to set up and manage the Apple Watch for their children with just one iPhone.

IOS 14 code shows that Apple Watch Children's Mode will enable new motion rings

Currently, an Apple Watch account can only be bundled with an Apple ID account connected to an iPhone. The new model can use a parent’s iPhone to manage your child’s Apple Watch, while kids don’t need to have an iPhone to set up the Watch.

The model is still in development and is expected to be available in the official iOS 14 release. The new model will make the Apple Watch more kid-friendly, but how do you track activity? Based on the iOS 14 code excavated by themedia 9to5Mac, the answer to this question is as follows

About Sports Rings

The Apple Watch can be used out of the box to track adult health and fitness activities. Some health features, such as ECG, have an age limit and therefore cannot provide accurate data for your child. Of course, Apple is considering how to track the activities of young users.

IOS 14 code shows that Apple Watch Children's Mode will enable new motion rings

With the Apple Watch configured in the new Kids mode, Apple will take a different approach to the motion ring for the first time, which currently includes three indicators:

Red, which means calories burned by vigorous exercise, such as walking or running.

Green, representing the number of minutes of movement today

Blue, indicating the hour of standing or wheelchair

Also for children Apple Watch will change the original calories burned to exercise time. For example, the Apple Watch can track a 90-minute exercise goal throughout the day instead of consuming 500 calories.

If your child spends too much time in bed or playing video games, the activity ring will give the child notice to encourage them to go out and play sports. This feature also rewards children for playing outdoors or participating in activities such as sports than standard sports rings.