“Father of the Internet” Confirms New Coronary Pneumonia Dissatisfaction with Trump’s Prevention and Control Measures

Vint Cerf, Google’s vice president of research and one of the main creators of the Internet, said on Twitter that his new coronavirus tested positive,media reported. He also advised people to watch a show on HBO that features comedian John Oliver to see what precautions the United States needs to take.

“My COVID-19 tested positive and is recovering,” Winter Seif tweeted on March 30. Listen to John Oliver’s opinion on our country’s response so far. “

Cerf is 76 years old this year and is in the high-mortality age group. However, his status will certainly provide him with an excellent access to high-quality medical facilities.

Known as the “father of the Internet,” Seif created Arpanet for the US Department of Defense, which is considered the forerunner of the Internet.

His work at Google was primarily as an Internet preacher and helped lawmakers understand the Internet’s problems. Most recently, he served on the National Science Council of the United States Government for six years.

One of the problems he often talks about is that some important scientific and cultural data may be lost because we have lost the hardware we need to access these files.

The John Oliver show, attached to Mr. Seif’s Twitter account, was critical of the Trump administration’s response to the new coronavirus.