FB/Instagram Update Data Download Tool provides information on how to personalize the experience

It is not surprising that Internet services have accumulated large amounts of data from each user in recent years, especially those who provide the above-mentioned services free of charge, according tomedia reports. Typically, this data collection activity is interpreted as a way to improve the user experience, primarily by personalizing what users see to match what they might be interested in. All of this is of course invisible to the user, and it has many subjects of debate and legislation. To comply with these laws, Facebook and Instagram are updating their data download ingress spree tools to include not only direct data from users, but also information they use to infer what users like.

FB/Instagram Update Data Download Tool provides information on how to personalize the experience

Instead of retaining secret data collected from users, Facebook has little choice. Privacy laws in the U.S. and Europe actually force users to download data about your data owned by social networking giants. Most users may not bother, but this is an important tool that privacy researchers and advocates understand Facebook uses to improve the user experience.

When users choose to download their data on Facebook or Instagram, the latest update adds even more data to the data users download. Specifically, the new settings include your interactions on these social media sites. Not only do users’ own posts or even friends lists, but also do things like adding friends, like pages or posts.

Users don’t have to worry about Facebook monitoring almost all activity. The company explains that it uses this information to infer what users like so that it can provide more personalized content suggestions. The company did not disclose any information about the information provided to third parties, especially for advertising purposes.

The new, larger data set is now available on Facebook and Instagram. Of course, whether the average user will use the tool is a completely different question. Fortunately, there are enough people willing to dissect the data to check that Facebook is complying with these laws.