Mozilla Launches Spring MVP Lab Challenge to Fix The Internet

Mozilla, a well-known developer of Firefox, has just launched a new campaign for distributed Web 3.0 aimed at “fixing the Internet”. Interested programmers, creators, and other ordinary people can help improve technology and jointly build and test new products by joining the Fix-The-Internet Spring MVP Lab.

Mozilla Launches Spring MVP Lab Challenge to Fix The Internet

Mozilla wrote in a statement that by introducing the form of a challenge to a vibrant community of experimental creators, mozilla hopes the event will help find sustainable solutions and new ideas to fix several important issues on the Internet.

The activity rules state that participants are required to form a team of 2 to 4 people and are allowed to retain all intellectual property rights in their projects.

Even so, the winning team has a prize of up to $25,000 and the opportunity to get a boost from Mozilla.

It is reported that the registration deadline for this event is April 6, interested friends can click here to submit an application and check the details of the event.

Mozilla points out that several important topics of the event include the fight against misinformation, fake news and abuse of data collection, artificial intelligence, social networking concepts, and so on (Mozilla also wants to create a more effective way to communicate online).

Mozilla’s commitment to a healthy Internet and online ecosystem is the first step in ensuring that the network benefits society and the next generation, said Mitchell Baker, co-founder and interim CEO of Mozilla.