Canadian director shoots first “New Crown Viral” movie as thriller

Canadian-Iranian director Mostafa Keshvari is filming the film “Corona”, which features new coronal pneumonia,media outlet Hollywoodreporter reported. The first trailer and poster were released and are currently being released in search of a buyer.

“Crown” poster

The thriller, shot in Vancouver, Canada, is filmed with a hand-held camera and is set in Vancouver, Canada, all with new cast members. The story takes place in an elevator in a residential building where seven tenants were trapped in the elevator at the beginning of the outbreak of New Crown Pneumonia, and one of the Chinese female guests is discriminated against by other guests, who suspect that the newly moved Chinese female guest is infected with Xinguan pneumonia and believe she may have been poisoned by the virus.

The director said the idea for the film came from the news that he had once read about an attack on a Chinese tourist while taking an elevator, and that he himself wanted to make a movie that took place in the elevator. He said that when the film was first filmed, the new corona pneumonia outbreak only broke out in China, he did not know that the outbreak would spread around the world. “Viruses don’t understand discrimination, anyone can be infected, why should we discriminate against others?” “The film has now been edited and is ready to sell the copyright.