Google says it will investigate Japan’s rumored search results

BEIJING, April 1 (UPI) — Google on Tuesday defended the fairness of its search results after Japanese users tried to confirm rumors that the government was about to declare a state of emergency, but were not getting any results on its website,media reported. Tokyo’s rising number of new cases of the coronavirus has led politicians to call on residents to reduce their social activities, leading to widespread information on social media, with news of a wider blockade coming.

Google says it will investigate Japan's rumored search results

The Japanese government on Monday denied previous rumours that it was preparing to close the country on April 1.

Google users found that the search term “April 2 Emergency Declaration” in Japanese did not return any results, an unusual result for the world’s top search site and further speculation about Google’s censorship.

The internet giant said on its Twitter account that it was conducting an investigation “with the aim of automatically generating fair results that are not influenced by the goals and prejudices of specific individuals and groups.” “

The results were released late Tuesday.