Microsoft Launches Azure Edge Zones Private Preview for 5G Edge Computing

With the recent acquisition of Affirmed Networks, Microsoft confirmed the company’s new idea for 5G edge computing. In the spring of 2020, the software giant will team up with AT?amp;T to launch its first Azure Edge Zones in Los Angeles. The new services are known to support emerging technologies such as Edge, The Internet of Things, and 5G, many of which offer virtually no latency application experiences.

Microsoft Launches Azure Edge Zones Private Preview for 5G Edge Computing

In addition to online gaming, the responsive nature of 5G Edge Computing is ideal for intelligent infrastructure that connects millions of endpoints in cities for almost real-time connectivity and analysis.

The idea for Azure Edge Zones is to provide connectivity for edge devices and applications that can be applied to highly scalable compute, storage, and networks with few network jump points.

Yousef Khalidi, vice president of Azure Network Product Management, says some marginal areas exist in the network and some rely on other carriers.

Some customers also have their own sites to improve automation, supply chain, retail, robotics, gaming and other applications.

What makes Azure Edge Zones unique compared to the edge computing approach that Microsoft currently enables is that it can rely on service delivery managed by Us.

Microsoft Launches Azure Edge Zones Private Preview for 5G Edge Computing

Microsoft has now turned on a private preview of Azure Edge Zones to telecom businesses and carrier partners, and by rapidly advancing the combination of 5G and cloud services, the company could offer an alternative to the recently announced partnership between Amazon and Verizon.

Over the next 12 months, Microsoft hopes to offer Azure Edge Zones in 10 cities, including New York and Miami. It’s important to note that AT?amp;T isn’t the first partner to launch Edge Zones.

Other private preview partners identified by Microsoft include NTT Communications, Rogers, Korea Telecom, Telstra, Vodafone and Emirates Telecom.

Private previews will also include Azure Private Edge Zones that combine 5G with Azure Stack technology for businesses to set up and run on-premises.