To warn the public, a police man in India patrols with a “new corona virus” helmet.

Indian police are working to stop people from leaving their homes and break the nationwide blockade that has been in place,media reported. Now, the new corona virus is spreading rapidly in a country of more than 1.3 billion people. To get more people to pay attention to the outbreak, a police officer came up with a way to get the attention of pedestrians and commuters by wearing a “new coronavirus” helmet.

Rajesh Babu, from Chennai, India, is understood to be wearing a motorcycle helmet designed by a local artist, painted red and emboldened with a new crown virus tentacle. Now, he’s patrolling the streets every day wearing this helmet, hoping to get people who don’t think the new crown outbreak is a pandemic.

India has now imposed a three-week blockade to stem the spread of the virus. So far, the pandemic has infected more than 1,000 people and killed at least 27 people in the country, but these official figures may be far lower than the actual number of cases, as India and many other countries are still trying to test.

Babu’s helmet is really popular, and while there’s no denying that its look looks scary, it’s clearly working as expected.