Untouched screen back to physical button Honda: for safety

The big screen not only spread to the mobile phone, the car is no exception, the car touch big screen has become the mainstream choice of many car companies. However, according to recent research, the traffic risks associated with using a large touch screen are far greater than drink-driving and drug-driving. Recently, Honda announced that the overseas version of the new Fit (JAZZ) will return to the physical button, cancel the air conditioning and other functions of touch-screen operation. It is reported that the domestic 2020 fit has also cancelled the touch air conditioning button.

According to the head of Honda’s Fit program, the move is mainly to avoid as much as possible from interfering with the driver during the vehicle’s driving.

The person in charge said: “According to user feedback, air conditioning or seat heating function if the use of touch screen, must look at the screen to complete the operation, not conducive to driving safety, and physical keys can wake up the human brain’s action memory, the user only need to remember the position of the dial can complete the operation, eyes can always pay attention to the road conditions.” As a result, Honda returned to the physical buttons so that the user could operate less distracted. “

In fact, Honda is not the first company to cancel the touch-screen, as early as early July last year, Mazda officially announced that all new models will be removed large-size centerscreen, only a small piece of the display, and the upcoming overseas market Mazda 3 will no longer be equipped with a touch screen.

A few days ago, a British road safety study reported that touch screens are more dangerous than drink-driving and drug-driving. When using touch screens to operate connected systems such as CarPlay and Android Auto, drivers can increase their response time to road conditions by up to 57% and 53%.

Without the touch screen, you don’t have to step in to manipulate the screen, but use the knobs and keycontrols at hand to make the vehicle’s functions easier to control, which may be a good choice. What do you think?

Untouched screen back to physical button Honda: for safety