US medical ship USNS Comfort stationed in New York: New coronapneumonia patients will not be admitted

In the past few days, New York City has become the center of the new coronavirus, and given the city’s population density, it’s no surprise that the city’s population is in the middle of the day, according tomedia. For the whole of New York State, there have been 40,000 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, and nearly 1,000 people have died as a result. To make matters worse, New York City’s hospitals simply don’t have enough equipment to handle the influx of patients.

US medical ship USNS Comfort stationed in New York: New coronapneumonia patients will not be admitted

A doctor recently told The Daily Beast: “New York’s hospitals are under siege – it’s probably the easiest way I can describe it. We have never seen anything like it, and we are unprepared for the growing demand. To be honest, I’m scared. “

The US medical ship USNS Comfort arrived at the port of New York yesterday to ease the pressure on the city’s hospitals. But the ship was not used to treat new coronavirus infections, but to treat patients who were currently unable to be treated at city hospitals, which could be reached by helicopter.

It is understood that Comfort has a total of 1,000 beds, 80 of which are designated as intensive care units. There are also 12 operating theatres, an intensive care unit, a burn care unit, a on-site pharmacy and a distillery that converts seawater into drinking water.

“She is a complete medical facility and even has a dental clinic, four X-ray machines and a CT scanner,” adds MIary Factory. Her toolbox contains a pair of oxygen-producing plants, an optometrist and a cooler that holds 5,000 units of blood. Comfort is a hospital, and thanks to a freshwater plant that produces 300,000 gallons of water a day, it can also provide them with much-needed water. Other on-board services include a satellite laboratory and a central area, a medical supply station and a well-stocked pharmacy. Due to the nature of her work, she also has a large laundry area and morgue. “

But given the highly contagious nature of the new coronavirus, a water hospital where more than 1,000 people live together may be at risk. For this reason, the workers on board were quarantined for two weeks before the search ship was put into service.

“Navy officials acknowledge that it will be extremely difficult, but also important, to ensure that no one with the new corona virus is on board,” the New York Times reported. The crew is not allowed to leave the ship; no one will visit Manhattan, and of course no one will go to a bar or restaurant to order a takeaway. Officials say the ship’s crew will undergo temperature checks and scans, as are other ways to screen patients before they are allowed to board. “

In addition to the Comfort medical ship, New York City has set up several temporary hospitals in public places. Earlier today, for example, it was announced that New York would begin using the U.S. Open complex as a temporary hospital, where 350 beds will be provided.