(Pictured) FDA urgently approves new crown kit as quickly as 2 minutes to detect results

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has urgently approved a new coronavirus test kit from Bodysphere that can detect antibodies associated with the new coronavirus in as fast as two minutes. It is reported that the kit will be vigorously extended throughout the United States, so that medical institutions can quickly test whether patients have the new coronavirus. However, this test kit is for medical professional use only.

该公司表示,FDA已向Bodysphere授予其COVID-19 IgG / IgM快速测试的紧急使用授权,该测试是一种侧向免疫测定法,可以在血液,血浆和血清中查找COVID-19病毒抗体(IgG和IgM)。

(Pictured) FDA urgently approves new crown kit as quickly as 2 minutes to detect results

Photo by Bodysphere

Bodysphere says the kits are now being successfully used in several U.S. states that are deploying test kits on a large scale to combat the spread of the new coronavirus. Now, the company is working with federal agencies and more states to provide millions of test kits in places that need to be tested in a matter of weeks.

“At this critical time, when we are able to respond to this pandemic, we are focusing all our resources on fast kits and bringing masks and other critical supplies to front-line health workers as soon as possible,” Charlton Lui, Bodysphere’s chief executive, said in a press release. “

Bodysphere says the kit takes two to 10 minutes to return results and does not require laboratory equipment or extensive staff training. In short, Bodysphere says its antibody tests are as simple as blood sugar tests, but the test kit is not available directly to the average consumer.