Rights Tour fans can have a “virtual” dinner with Dragon Mom after donating money

Emilia Clarke, the “Dragon Mom” in HBO’s hit drama Game of Thrones, will have a “virtual” dinner with a lucky donor fan, according tomedia’s Gamerant. “Dragon Mom” Emilia Clarke is currently working with the charity same You, his own charity, to fight the new coronavirus. SameYou was originally created to help people with brain injuries, but they are shifting their jobs to a more immediate threat, the new corona virus.

Clark, who suffered two brain aneurysms while filming Game of Thrones, and now she and SameYou are aiming to help medical staff find a cure for the new coronavirus.

Now, a dozen lucky same You fans will be randomly selected for a virtual dinner with The Dragon Mom. The virtual dinner will prepare the ingredients in advance, and the lucky fan will cook with The Dragon Mom and then share the virtual dinner.

Earlier, the mother posted in Ins that she was raising a total of 250,000 pounds to fight the new crown virus and want fans to donate, and the lucky fans in the donation can also share a virtual dinner with themselves.

“We’ll prepare a locker for dinner, cook it together, and eat it together, ” Long said in an interview. We’ll talk about a lot of things. Isolated, fearful and funny videos. “