Facebook launches ‘Ask for Help’ feature to allow crowdfunding

Facebook first introduced the Community Help feature in 2017 to provide users with ways to help, search for help and receive help in the aftermath of a crisis,media reported. Now, Facebook is expanding the feature globally to help deal with a new coronavirus outbreak.

The new Community Help feature will allow people to ask for help, help those affected by the outbreak, and donate to nonprofit fundraisers. This is the first time Facebook has launched the “Community Help” feature worldwide, and it is the first to be used in a health crisis, and it will be launched first in the US, Canada, France, the UK and Australia.

At the same time, Facebook’s “Community Help” feature builds on the company’s early Crisis Response project, which connects multiple tools. The new “Community Help” feature can be found in Facebook’s existing COVID-19 Information Center, which has been rolled out in more than 30 countries.

Facebook tested the “Community Help” feature in several selected U.S. cities before it officially launched its “Community Help” feature. Some local users have posted requests for help, such as a hospital that needs a mask or volunteers to help distribute food. Others shared their free help, such as free meals for unemployed hourly workers.

Facebook says the “community help” feature will be rolled out to more countries in the coming weeks, starting with high-risk countries in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

In February, Weibo launched a “post information for help” feature to allow patients to seek medical attention in a timely manner.