Is the asymptomatic infection of the new coronavirus contagious? The authoritative answer is coming.

What are the clinical symptoms of asymptomatic infections with neo-coronavirus? Is it contagious? How to do agood in the prevention and control of asymptomatic infected people? On the afternoon of the 31st, the National Health and Health Commission’s Disease Prevention and Control Bureau issued on the official website “on the new coronavirus asymptomatic infection prevention and control work”, on the public concern about the new coronavirus asymptomatic infection related to the situation to answer.

Is the asymptomatic infection of the new coronavirus contagious? The authoritative answer is coming.

Q: What is a symptomatic infection with the new coronavirus?

A: New coronavirus asymptomatic infection (hereinafter referred to as asymptomatic infection) refers to the non-relevant clinical symptoms, such as fever, cough, sore throat and other self-perceived or clinically identifiable symptoms and signs, but respiratory tract and other specimens of new coronavirus pathogen positive test. Asymptomatic infected persons can be divided into two situations: first, the infected person nucleic acid test positive, after 14 days of incubation period observation, there are no self-perceived or clinically identifiable symptoms and signs, always asymptomatic infection status; But then there is a clinical manifestation, a “asymptomatic infection” in the incubation period.

Q: What is the prevention and control requirement seeking to prevent and control the asymptomatic infection of the new coronavirus in China?

A: The National Health And Health Commission on January 28 released the “New Coronary Virus Infection Prevention and Control Program” (third edition) on the new coronavirus asymptomatic infection into the prevention and control management, in the revision process after the asymptomatic infection report, management and so on put forward clear and specific requirements. All kinds of medical and health institutions at all levels found asymptomatic infections, should be within 2 hours of direct reporting on the Internet. County (district) level disease control institutions receive asymptomatic infection report, within 24 hours to complete the case investigation, and timely close contact registration, the case questionnaire or investigation report timely through the infectious disease report management information system to report. Asymptomatic infected persons should be centrally isolated for 14 days, in principle, concentrated isolation for 14 days and two consecutive specimen nucleic acid test negative (sampling time at least 24 hours interval) can be released from isolation; If clinical manifestations occur during the observation period of isolated medical observation, it should be transferred to a confirmed case in a timely manner for standardized treatment. Close contacts with asymptomatic infections are also subject to 14 days of intensive isolation medical observation.

Q: What ways do asymptomatic infections are discovered? How many cases of asymptomatic infection have been found in China so far?

A: At present, we mainly actively detect asymptomatic infections through the following channels: First, the close contacts of new coronavirus pneumonia cases to carry out medical observation during the active detection; Fourth, the travel history and residence history of some people who have new cases of coronavirus pneumonia in china and abroad continue to spread.

As of 2400 hours on March 30, 2020, there were 1,541 cases of asymptomatic infectionunder under medical observation, of which 205 were imported from abroad.

Q: Is asymptomatic infection contagious?

A: According to the country and some provinces to carry out close contact monitoring data, the close contact of asymptomatic infection sonward cases continued, epidemiological investigationfound individual asymptomatic infections caused by the cluster outbreak, a small sample size of the study shows that asymptomatic infection stoic respiratory samples of the virus load is not much different from the confirmed cases. Combined with the current monitoring and research, asymptomatic infections are contagious, but the length of their infection, infectious strength, transmission methods, etc. need to be further scientific research. Some experts believe that in view of the asymptomatic infection of respiratory samples can detect pathogenic nucleic acid, but because there is no cough, sneezing and other clinical symptoms, the pathogen out of the body caused by the transmission of the opportunity is relatively small.

Q: How to do agood risk assessment of asymptomatic infected people and their prevention and control?

A: Asymptomatic infections are at risk of transmission. One is the hidden nature of transmission. Because asymptomatic infections do not have any obvious symptoms and signs, they are difficult to detect in the population, and their spread is also difficult to prevent. Second, the subjectivity of the symptoms. Mild or atypical symptoms may consider themselves not infected with the new coronavirus, do not take the initiative to visit a medical institution, in the daily work of the treatment is difficult to find. The third is the limitation of discovery. Due to the existence of detection window period, the use of nucleic acid testing and serological testing methods to find all asymptomatic infections, the existing asymptomatic infections are mainly through the case of close contact active screening, infection source investigation, cluster outbreak investigation and active detection of personnel in high-risk areas found, Some asymptomatic infections are still difficult to detect.

To this end, to highlight the monitoring of asymptomatic infections, targeted to increase screening efforts, the scope of testing to be found cases and asymptomatic infections of close contacts, key areas and key populations. Once asymptomatic infectionist, immediately according to the “four early” requirements, strict concentration of isolation and medical observation, close contacts should also be carried out isolation medical observation.

Since some asymptomatic infections are always asymptomatic, it is not possible to detect and isolate asymptomatic infections as the dominant measures in the actual prevention and control work. Therefore, we will continue to focus on the timely detection of isolated confirmed patients, and close contact management. China’s experience shows that the timely detection and isolation of confirmed cases, and the appropriate measures to reduce human contact, can basically block the spread of the epidemic.

Q: How to do agood in the next step of asymptomatic infection prevention and control management?

A: First, improve the prevention and control program. Grasp lying about taking a certain proportion of samples in key areas of the epidemic, carry ingress on asymptomatic infection investigation and epidemiological analysis and research, improve prevention and control measures, revise and improve prevention and control programs and diagnosis and treatment programs, scientifically respond to the risk of infection caused by asymptomatic infections, and curb the possible spread of new outbreaks.

Second, increase screening monitoring. Targeted and increased screening efforts to extend the scope of testing to close contacts, key areas and key populations with detected cases and asymptomatic infections. Combined with the actual resumption of re-production, strengthen the monitoring of key cities, key population groups and key places to maximize the detection of hidden dangers. Do a good job of cross-border input and export prevention of the outbreak, all incoming personnel to carry out nucleic acid testing. After the discovery of asymptomatic infections, timely epidemiological investigation, identification of the source, open and transparent release of information.

Third, strengthen management and treatment. Once asymptomatic infectionist, immediately according to the “four early” requirements, strict centralized isolation and medical management, close contacts should also be subject to isolation medical observation. Symptoms during isolation occur and are immediately transferred to a designated medical facility for treatment.

Fourth, strengthen group prevention and group control. Adhere to the combination of group expertise, increase the publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge, guide the public scientific protection, carry out extensive training, improve the grass-roots disease control personnel, medical personnel and community workers, such as the ability and level of prevention and control. From 1 April, the report, transfer and management of asymptomatic infections will be published in the outbreak notification, and social concerns will be promptly responded to.

Q: How to do a good job of personal protection?

A: The public should strengthen self-protection and health civilization awareness, strengthen environmental health and hygiene protection, develop frequent hand washing, wearing masks, pay attention to hand hygiene, one-meter line, window ventilation, cleaning and disinfection, meal-sharing, when sick to reduce the number of people gathering places and scientific wearing masks and other healthy lifestyle behavior. We should carry out a broad patriotic health campaign, in line with the concept of not only protecting themselves, but also protecting the health of others, the health knowledge will be spread to every family and individual, the formation of good health habits and civilized and healthy, green lifestyle, improve mental health and health literacy level. Such as personal nucleic acid test positive after no panic, to actively cooperate with medical and health institutions to do a good job of health monitoring and isolation of medical observation, fever, cough and other symptoms reported in a timely manner, to accept medical institutions standardized diagnosis and treatment.