Uber: 10 million free rides and meals delivered worldwide

Uber is stepping up its response to the GLOBAL pandemic of COVID-19, promising 10 million free rides and meals for health care workers, the elderly and other affected people,media reported. In the UK, Uber has begun offering free rides and meals to NHS staff fighting the new coronavirus. Now it is trying to expand the service globally.

Uber: 10 million free rides and meals delivered worldwide

Picture from Uber’s website

Uber said “any organization, healthcare provider or government entity is eligible” for the service, though it is still working with a number of stakeholders. An Uber spokesman said the company was already in talks with local companies about free rides and delivery services.

“In the coming months, Uber will strive to provide free meal delivery and ride-hailing on a scale basis, and will provide tailor-made services tailored to the urgency of local needs,” the spokesman said. We will bear the costs associated with food and beverage delivery and ride- “

Hospitals, clinics, elderly centers and other agencies that want to give employees a free ride or a meal delivery can email impact2020@uber.com to contact Uber for help.

The news comes as Uber’s passenger numbers have plummeted due to a pandemic of the new coronavirus. Uber’s total bookings in Seattle fell 60 to 70 percent, while similar declines have been seen in other major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

Uber is currently offering financial assistance to drivers whose accounts have been suspended or forced to be quarantined because of an infection with COVID-19. But sources say Uber drivers who meet these criteria have had some problems applying to the company for assistance.

With the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, many Uber drivers are struggling as more people are asked to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel. Last week, U.S. President Donald Trump signed a $2 trillion stimulus bill that would provide benefits such as unemployment insurance to previously unqualified groups, such as part-time workers.