Netizens discover mystery information about NASA’s Mars rover: Official snare

NASA’s next major exploration project is Mars 2020, and NASA plans to launch the Mars rover, Hengxin, in July/August 2020 to detect the existence of life on Mars. In this rare opportunity, NASA also carried three memory chips on the probe, which contain the names of 11 million space fans on Earth, and the probe will carry the names of 11 million people to Mars.

Recently, NASA for the first time published the storage of the three chips of aluminum plate, but netizens found that the aluminum plate is also engraved with mysterious graphic code, similar to the sun’s rays, people’s surprise, NASA undoubtedly in the probe sandwiched a bit of “private goods.”

Soon, Almighty’s netizens cracked NASA’s mysterious code, a string of Morse code-written slogans, “Explore As One” (let’s explore this endless deep space together).

NASA’s Hengxin official then tweeted a message celebrating the cracking of the message, saying, “It links our home planet to the planet I’m going to explore.” “

Netizens discover mystery information about NASA's Mars rover: Official snare