Tesla Model Y: It’s like Musk’s car

On April 2nd, according tomedia reports, Sandy Munro, chief executive of the manufacturing consulting firm Munro and Associates, said in an interview that Tesla’s new Model Y was in line with elon Musk’s What a car expects: Fast as lightning, good handling, and better electronics than competitors.

Tesla Model Y: It's like Musk's car

Unlike Tesla electric cars in the past, Munro said, the Model Y, which has just come off the assembly line, looks more like a product from a tech-savvy car company. The Model Y, which Munro bought this week as a manufacturing consultant who has been researching cars for 30 years, revealed his first impression of Model Y in an interview.

Tesla Model Y: It's like Musk's car

Tesla Model Y: It's like Musk's car

“I don’t have a lot of negative opinions,” Munro said. “When we got it, it looked a lot better than the Model 3. We did find some problems, but the average car buyer wouldn’t even notice it. “

For years, Munro and his eponymous consulting firm have been known among Detroit’s automotive engineers, who have drilled in depth about hundreds of cars from almost all manufacturers. Two years ago, Munro and his colleagues dismantled Tesla’s first Mass-production model, the Model 3.

In April 2018, Munro praised Tesla’s technology and pointed to some serious manufacturing flaws in the car. After months of careful study, his company believes Musk has the potential to make the car profitable.

Musk is not always a critic, but in January he praised Munro’s engineering capabilities.

Munro recently purchased a Model Y electric car, and Munro used a small measuring stick to find inconsistencies between the body panel and the bonnet. He found similar problems in the taillights and at the back of the body.

But he spoke highly of the large interior space of model Y, which can accommodate five passengers. The Model Y is only a little longer than the BMW X3, but the rear seat is more spacious when folded up.

Tesla electric vehicles also have unique advantages in powersystems. Munro said two years ago that the Model 3’s battery pack and electric motor were the best he had ever seen.

The Tesla Model Y has a range of 500 kilometers, 180 kilometers more than the Audi e-tron and the Jaguar I-Pace, respectively. The Model Y starts at $52,990, nearly $17,000 less than the Jaguar I-Pace starts, and nearly $22,000 less than the Audi e-tron.

“It’s going to sell,” Munro said of Model Y. “Tesla buyers ignore everything, and other buyers don’t see what we’re looking at.” “