Tesla becomes Iceland’s best-selling car brand and delivers 415 cars in the first quarter of this year

April 2 (UPI) — Electric car maker Tesla has become Iceland’s best-selling car brand so far this year, according tomedia reports. Last September, Tesla officially entered the Icelandic market and began selling models S, Model X and Model 3. After that, the company opened a dealership and a service center in Iceland.

Tesla becomes Iceland's best-selling car brand and delivers 415 cars in the first quarter of this year

In March, the first Tesla cars arrived in Iceland. Iceland expects another large number of Tesla cars to arrive in the next two to three months. In the first quarter of this year, Tesla delivered 415 cars in Iceland, surpassing more established brands such as Toyota and Volkswagen.

Iceland is well suited for large-scale adoption of electric vehicles because: first, almost 100 per cent of electricity is generated by renewable energy, which makes electric cars very environmentally friendly; Therefore, electric vehicles can meet the travel needs of most people. These reasons have led iceland’s electric car sales to rise over the past few years.

Iceland also seems to have a keen interest in Tesla’s first electric pickup, Cybertruck. Tesla recently released its top 10 countries for booking Cybertruck: the United States (76.25%), Canada (10.43%), Australia (3.16%), the United Kingdom (1.39%), Norway (1.11%), Germany (1.05%), Sweden (0.83%), The Netherlands (0.67%), France (0.44%) and Iceland (0.44%).

Last year, Tesla revealed that Cybertruck had booked 250,000 vehicles in less than a week. The company has not updated the data since then. However, according to estimates on CyberTruck’s popular forum, the pickup is available for bookings between 450,000 and 500,000.

Assuming CyberTruck has 500,000 bookings, Iceland (0.44%) has more than 2,000. That’s already high for a small car market like Iceland. (Little Fox)