Zoom has gained 190 million average daily users in the past 3 months alone

Thanks to the spread of coronaviruses around the world, Zoom is now a household name around the world. In December 2019, the maximum number of free and paid meetings on Zoom was about 10 million per day, and now that number is 200 million! Yes, Zoon has more than 200 million people attending today’s day meeting! In addition to the average consumer and business user, Zoom is now used by more than 90,000 schools in 20 countries.

Zoom today also highlights what it has done over the past few weeks to address privacy issues identified by researchers around the world:

On March 20, we published a blog post that identified protective features that could help prevent harassment on our platform (or “Zoomombing”) by clarifying that they can help prevent this from happening, such as waiting rooms, passwords, mute controls, restricting screen sharing, and more. (We also changed the name and content of the blog post, which originally referred to unsolicited participants as “crash party.” Given the more serious and hateful types of attacks that have emerged since then, this statement is clearly not sufficient. We condemn these types of attacks and express our deep sympathy to anyone who has been interrupted by this approach).

On March 27, we took action to remove the Facebook SDK from the iOS client and reconfigure it to prevent it from collecting unnecessary device information from users.

On March 29, we updated our Privacy Policy to make it clearer and more transparent about the data we collect and how we use it – clearly indicating that we do not sell user data: we have never sold user data in the past and do not intend to sell user data in the future.

For educational users, we:

A setup guide for virtual classrooms is available for administrators.

A guide was established on how to better secure virtual classrooms.

A dedicated K-12 privacy policy has been established.

The settings for educational users in our K-12 project have been modified to make the virtual waiting room turn on by default.

The settings for educational users registered in our K-12 program have been changed so that teachers default to only teachers who can share content in class.

On 1 April, we:

A blog post clarified the fact that encryption was around on our platform — acknowledging and apologizing for the confusing facts.

The attention-tracking function of participants was removed.

Two Mac-related fixes proposed by Patrick Weadle have been released.

A fix for the UNC link issue was released.

The LinkIn Sales Navigator feature was removed after it was confirmed that it was unnecessary.

Over the next 90 days, Zoom will use all resources to better identify, address, and proactively address security and privacy issues. So in the next 3 months, Zoom will not add any new features. It will also conduct a comprehensive review with third-party experts and representative users to understand and ensure the security of its services.

Relatedly, Microsoft’s daily active users increased by 70 percent and the number of active users to 40 million, compared with the same month last year, which means that Skype-to-Skype calls are up 220 percent year-on-year.

Zoom has gained 190 million average daily users in the past 3 months alone