Microsoft Edge browser outstrips Firefox in desktop market share

According to the latest market share report, Microsoft’s Edge browser on Windows and mac OS had a significant increase in users in March, and the browser is now more popular than Firefox. The new Edge retains most of the features that Chromium brings, including compatibility with extensions and themes downloaded from Google’s browser. In addition to the Chromium feature, Microsoft has created its own unique features for Edge, such as improved favorites, PDF readers, smooth scrolling, and more.

Microsoft Edge browser outstrips Firefox in desktop market share

The new Edge feels like Chrome and is clean and fast. Like Chrome, Microsoft Edge provides responsive performance and is compatible with the familiar Chrome experience.

According to NetMarketShare, Microsoft Edge’s market share has risen to 7.59 percent, while Firefox’s market share is 7.19 percent, and Edge’s market share is likely to continue to grow in the coming months.

Microsoft Edge browser outstrips Firefox in desktop market share

Google’s Chrome browser remains the number one web browser, and Edge is unlikely to upend Chrome’s market share any time soon. Still, it’s still Microsoft’s best chance to win a browser battle in years.

The new Edge browser is not currently pre-installed in Windows and still needs to be downloaded manually, but later this year it will become a pre-installed feature on all Windows 10 devices, and market share is likely to increase significantly again once after the migration is complete.

To increase The Edge’s user base, Microsoft is also developing a range of new features for Edge, and recently revealed that it is developing three new features for the new browser to improve online security and productivity.

Later this year, Microsoft plans to roll out password monitors and managers, vertical tags AND smart replication to Edge users.