Microsoft hints at massive improvements to Windows 10

According to a recruitment announcement, Microsoft may make major improvements to several existing features of Windows 10, including Windows indexing, notification systems, localization, and more. Earlier today, we saw an interesting job posting on Microsoft’s recruitment portal. Microsoft is looking for a software engineering manager for its app connection team to improve existing features on Windows 10 while preparing for Windows 10X.

Microsoft hints at massive improvements to Windows 10

The recruitment announcement specifically mentions the reliability of a new term, ‘dial-tone’, which is described as a new target for Microsoft’s notification system. Microsoft is committed to making Windows 10 notification systems more reliable and to deliver notifications from first- and third-party apps in a timely manner.

In addition to the new notification system, Microsoft is also developing power for an improved version of Windows Index, an important Windows widget that provides background support for Search and File Explorer.

Some users have reported that the Windows indexing process can cause high load on some machines, especially when the search index is running, and that the new hiring revelations mean that Microsoft will significantly improve the relevant aspects to enable users to “find their files and information quickly.”

At the same time, support for cloud clipboards and applications to share between Windows and Microsoft devices will also be improved.

It’s unclear when the changes will be shipped to Windows 10, but Microsoft says it plans to work on these features “as needed” to support the next major version of the operating system.

The next major update is the May 2020 update released by Windows 10 may, which is the 20H1 update, but since the update will be more than a month away, the new indexer and notification system are unlikely to appear in it.

Since Microsoft is still looking for engineers to advance the project, we’ll have to wait a while to see the next big improvement in Windows.