Apple partners with Jobs’ widow, Leonardo and others to form American Food Foundation

Apple, Lauren Powell Jobs, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Ford Foundation have teamed up to form the American Food Foundation, an initiative designed to help ensure that everyone has access to a reliable food supply in the United States, according tomedia.

Apple partners with Jobs' widow, Leonardo and others to form American Food Foundation

The program, run by GoFundMe, a fundraising platform, will benefit the nonprofit hunger relief organizations World Central Kitchen and Feeding America. Apple, Lauren Powell Jobs, the Leonardo and Ford Foundation donated $12 million to launch the fund and received further donations from the public.

“Central Kitchen of the World” is led by the world’s best-known chef, Jose Andr?s, whose most recent and recent lycins of “Cook America” CEO Claire Babineaux-Fontenot was joined by Oprah Winfrey Winfrey) hosts the Apple TV series of free talk shows, “Oprah Talks COVID-19.”

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said in a statement:

If they don’t eat well enough, no one will recover. We can only overcome this crisis by ensuring that everyone has the basic supplies they have to take care of themselves, their families and the vulnerable. What the World Central Kitchen and the American Association of America have done is heroic work, and if we have to learn separately during this time, and we need to support each other during this time, we will become stronger and more quickly.

The American Food Foundation says more than 37 million people have trouble knowing every day where their next meal might come from until the ongoing pandemic, and that number is now growing exponentially.