LG Electronics sues TCL in Germany for alleged infringement of three of its patents

Nov 11 (Upi) — LG Electronics said on Sunday it had filed a patent infringement lawsuit against TCL in Germany over alleged infringement of its intellectual property rights in mobile phone communications technology, foreign media reported on Sunday. LG Electronics said it had filed a lawsuit against TCL in the German district courts of Mannheim and Dusseldorf on November 6.

LG Electronics sues TCL in Germany for alleged infringement of three of its patents

The company claims that TCL used its three LTE standard basic patents in its feature dupted phones and smartphones without its permission.

The company also said the lawsuit was motivated by TCL’s refusal to accept its terms of authorization. LG Electronics said it had been issuing a warning to TCL as early as 2016 and had since repeatedly asked to negotiate an authorization agreement with TCL, but the latter refused.

LG Electronics added that it had decided to take legal action to protect its patented technology. LTE technology is a 4G wireless communication standard, LG Electronics has the necessary patents for this technology.

This is the third time LG Electronics has taken legal action against smartphone makers. The company also filed lawsuits in March 2017 and June 2018 against U.S. handset maker BLU Products and French smartphone maker Wiko for allegedly infringing patents on its LTE technology.

The two companies later ended their dispute after LG Electronics reached an authorization agreement with BLU Products. Earlier this year, LG Electronics also won its first legal battle with Wiko in Germany.

LG Electronics has taken a hard line against companies that infringe on its patented technology. Last week, the company also filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Hisense in the United States. The company claims that Hisense used LG Electronics’ display technology in most of the tvs it sells without permission.

In recent years, TCL has seen rapid growth in tv and smartphone sales around the world. The company is the world’s third-largest TV maker in terms of shipments in the second quarter of this year, according to IHS Market. In addition, TCL sold more than 15 million handsets worldwide last year, according to Strategy Analytics.

At the same time, LG Electronics is a leader in 4G LTE and 5G patents. The company received the largest number of LTE and LTE-Advanced patents in the U.S. for the fifth year in a row from 2012 to 2016, according to a U.S. patent consulting firm. In addition, a German research institute said it had 11 per cent of patents on 5G network technology as of July.

On 6G, the company set up a 6G research center in South Korea earlier this year, which opened earlier this year.

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