Lucid Motors shares Air Road Survey video: 400-mile range is not boastful

According tomedia reports, perhaps Lucid Motors’ Air EV may not be ready to enter people’s garages, but the new all-electric sedan beta test ingress shows that its range may be able to achieve this goal. The BEV, which is under development, is not expected to go into production until this year, but its 400-mile range has proved that its range is not a baseless boast.

Lucid Motors shares Air Road Survey video: 400-mile range is not boastful

Today, the Lucid team shared a video of the road driving of an Air beta car. Lucid points out that the test drive took place in California in February — notably, the state has issued a new coronapneumonia self-isolation order before that.

Lucid has promised from the start that 400-mile range will become the standard for Air, although many electric car makers have been seen boasting, and these types of bragging are ultimately considered tricky deliveries. The reality is that different road conditions and different driving styles can have a huge impact on the range of a single charge of an electric car, which does not take into account conditions such as weather.

Lucid has hardly ever dealt with the harsh weather, but his outing from the Bay Area to Los Angeles doesn’t mean Air isn’t impressed. The company says it can complete more than 400 miles of coastline on a single charge, including highway driving and some notable height changes such as climbing the 4,414-foot-tall Tejon Pass outside Los Angeles.

Even with this test — it’s clear that it needs to do more to prepare before it’s ready to produce Air, let alone deliver it. The reality is that the EPA’s official testing process is increasingly showing that it doesn’t match the actual capabilities of electric cars, as Porsche discovered last year at Taycan. Practical tests of Porsche’s electric car show that its capabilities far exceed its dismal 201-mile EPA capability assessment.

Lucid Motors shares Air Road Survey video: 400-mile range is not boastful

This gap often boils down to expectations of real-world driving and the standardized testing process needed to fairly compare cars — not just electric cars.

Lucid Motors also needs time to refine its data, and of course, we’re finally looking forward to seeing airs in different configurations with different sizes of battery packs, which is what consumers expect. Not everyone needs a luxury electric car that can last more than 400 miles between charges and not everyone can afford it. But judging by the headlines, it’s not bad for the carmaker, which is aiming to hit models such as the Tesla Model S.